"Every generation gets the chance to change the world." ~ U2
"Every generation gets the chance to change the world." ~ U2

Let's Get Oily! 

After having gastric bypass surgery in August 2012, I began a new way of eating and living so that I could take charge of my health -- again. However, there were still changes that needed to be made, and I still felt as if there were something more that I should do in order to live a cleaner, healthier life. . . . fast forward to August 2015, and my Dad's diagnosis of cancer.  That was the catalyst.  Now, both of my parents, my mother's siblings and mother, and my father's family all had a history of cancer.  The change was getting closer.  


Add into this mix my lack of energy, severe anemia, and insomnia, and there were days that I felt like I was losing a bit of control.  I had two iron infusions, but I still struggled with staying awake, and then falling asleep.  It was a never ending circle!


Enter my friend Christine and essential oils.  Quite simply, essential oils have changed my life.  I attended a class, ordered the Life Long Vitality supplements and a few oils, and was hooked.  The positive changes I experienced just a few days after beginning to take the supplements was and has been nothing short of incredible.  I have energy.  I sleep THROUGH THE NIGHT.  I feel better and look better.  My skin is brighter, and my mood is lifted.  Now, keep in mind that I am a Dr., but not a medical doctor, so any statements that I make about essential oils and what they have done for me is not approved by the FDA.  Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.  However, if you would like to read the research that supports the use of essential oils, there is plenty out there! Click the link below to check out the ways that science supports the use of essential oils as natural solutions for health, beauty, and home.  


Then, if you want to join me as a Wellness Advocate who shares and promotes natural solutions, click on the link to my website so that you can start your own journey to essential living for essential health! 


The other part of the change was a switch to as much organic, all natural eating as possible.  This means that I spend more time shopping, preparing foods, finding places to purchase products, and researching the best products available.  I planted a larger garden this year, after meeting with Mr. Morris of Morris Organic Farms, and often don't buy a particular food because I am not happy with the options given to me.  Yet, the change has led to a more conscientious effort to reduce waste, too.  No more disposable K-Cups; we use the refillable kind.  No more paper plates just because.  The phrase "Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle" has a stronger presence in my life.  It is a bit more work, but the improvement in how I feel makes it work that is worthwhile. Check out some of my favorites for finding organic and/or healthy products. 

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