"Every generation gets the chance to change the world." ~ U2
"Every generation gets the chance to change the world." ~ U2

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I am Dr. Lisa Bompiani-Smith, Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.  My research was a phenomenological study of students' experiences as academic writers in high school.  Writing is my passion, and I love to help others become better writers in any way that I am able to help them.  Actually, I love helping people become better at anything with which I am able to help them become better!  Teacher at heart, right? 


Currently, I teach 7th grade in a Western PA school district, but I am looking to spread my wings and soar into the post-secondary level by teaching college and professional development courses.  Also, I am the owner of That's My Grape!, a custom wine charm business; a DoTerra Wellness Advocate; and the creator of natural products for health and home through Essential Living for Essential Health.  I dabble in theater and singing, too, and have performed in various types of community productions.   


Thank you for stopping by my page!  Please follow the above links to learn more about me and what I can offer to you.  


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